Business Buzz – May 2020

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Norm Sokalski

Relentless Investigative
    Norm Sokalski has been licensed as an investigator for almost 30 years although he is also a non-practicing attorney.
    His company, Relentless Investigative (RI), has clients across the United States, Europe and Asia. Over time, Sokalski has helped many clients in Lamorinda in three principal areas: finding hidden assets in divorce cases; due diligence for potential investments and collection of judgments.
    With such an ubiquitous name, a description of typical RI activities is in order. Discovering hidden assets in divorce cases is self-explanatory: locating assets a dishonest spouse has purposefully hidden. Easier said than done, of course.
    Due diligence for potential investments involves verifying the claims of the investment opportunity; RI helps the client make better decisions and avoid fraud. “Good, bad and fraudulent investments all typically pencil out,” said Sokalski, who lives with his family in Lamorinda.
    As to collection of lawful judgments, RI has seized assets for clients throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia.
    Sokalski’s background is commercial banking as a loan-risk analyst. He discovered a fraud conspiracy involving officers of a bank and commercial borrowers. As a result of this discovery and further investigation, he moved from risk analysis to fraud prevention within the bank.
    He went on to obtain a law degree. After he left the bank he worked in the merger and acquisitions department of a major S.F. law firm before starting his own company.
    Sokalski often is on the run but you can catch up with his virtual office by calling 510-703-7721, emailing or visiting

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Dr. Mary Smith

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
    Dr. Mary Smith’s newly built offices at 1 Bates Blvd. #210, are intentionally calming with noise cancellation headphones for TV or music, massage chairs and neck pillows.
    Outside there is ample parking and easy accessibility. Once socializing safely is possible, an open house is planned to introduce people to the space.
    Smith commuted from Orinda to the University of Pacific Dental School for her last two years; this was part of her plan. “Knowing that I wanted children at some point, I thought living and working in the same city would allow me to be a mother and have a career in dentistry at the same time. My plan has worked out beautifully,” said Smith, who has served the dental needs of the community for 25 years.
    Smith’s career began in Walnut Creek where she worked as a dental associate for five years. In 2000, it was time to purchase her own practice in Orinda. “From the very beginning I learned that a good practice starts with a solid team. I have had the great pleasure to work with many of my current employees for over 20 years. Each year, I look forward to planning annual vacations for my staff so we can have fun together team bonding,” she said.
    Team members include Cecelia Thomas, D.D.S., associate; Tina Stordahl, registered dental assistant (RDA); Ena Alvarenga, dental assistant; Susan Evans, RDA, Lori Nott, registered dental hygienist; and front office staff Maria Sanchez and Jackie Perez Medina.
    Thomas notes the practice has the latest in technology, including Cerec-single visit crowns, Zoom instant teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces, laser technology, and digital X-rays.
    Smith can be reached at 925-254-0824, or via the web at Once the shelter-in-place order is rescinded regular office hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday and one Friday a month.

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