The Reel Less Traveled – May 2020


In the Darkest of Times

    With both local movie houses still shuttered, I was unsettled at the prospect of writing this column, having not one single movie to talk about.
    I considered the possibility of becoming a movie advice columnist although I’m not quite sure how that would be implemented. The basic idea would be for readers to write in and ask me the sort of movie you’d like to pass the time with while sequestered away.
    You’d need to give me some basic idea of the sort of thing you’re looking for, and I’d do my best to recommend something. The bonus here would be that I will probably steer you toward something a little more obscure (the title of this column is The Reel Less Traveled, after all.) So instead of Contagion or Outbreak, for example, I would recommend something like The Andromeda Strain or On the Beach.
    With that said, it’s not as bad as I might have led you to believe. Just because there isn’t one or two specific movies to talk about doesn’t mean there aren’t movies to enjoy.
    Indeed, there are two sources to view films from the comfort of home, the first and most notable being the International Film Showcase.
    Efi and Jo Alice, ever on the forefront when bringing the finest films from overseas, also are offering their films in a steaming format. This is great on several levels. Although all of the films offered already have had their theatrical run, now is your chance to view them again. And to those who may have missed them, now’s your chance to make up for it.
    Go to to see what is available.
    Our local libraries are another source. Even though Contra Costa County libraries are closed, they are making their streaming content, including films and documentaries, available online at All you need is a library card! How cool is that?
    So, you see, it’s not a total loss. There’s still plenty to keep you entertained.
    I’m also going to change my parting words a little as we are living in dark times. So instead I urge all of you to keep looking towards those beautiful flickering lights and the pictures they cast. That’s where the reel magic lies.

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