Unity March at Wilder

(Kathy Enzerink, Photographer)
Members of the Patel family display signs at the Wilder Children’s Unity March.

    A Children’s Unity March took place at Wilder June 13, prompted by the following conversation between five-year-old Soven and his father, Chirag Patel.
    “Daddy, what are those people doing?”
    “They are protesting.”
    “What is protesting?”
    “They are showing that they are unhappy that a man was hurt because of the color of his skin.”
    “Who hurt him?”
    “A bad person.”
    “Why are there bad people?”
     (struggling to answer him)
    “I want to protest bad people.”
    And so he did.
    An estimated 200 people, from retirees to those too young to walk, marched with Soven and the Patel family in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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