Orindan Wins Poster Design Contest 

(Contributed Photo)
Artley Whipple shows off his winning poster.

    Artley Whipple, 10, won first prize in a national competition to design a poster raising awareness of plastic pollution.
    Run by Bennington College in Vermont, the Beyond Plastics campaign educates people about plastic pollution, and invited children aged 5-18 to enter the competition as part of Earth Day in April.
    Whipple’s design was of the Earth on the stark background of space, but with the land covered by plastic packaging and bags. Whipple added household names like Coke, Target and Shell to the plastic trash, showing that they need to play a part in stopping the pollution they create. 
    “Plastic pollution is a much bigger problem than people realize and we’ve been trying to cut down plastic in our house,” Whipple said. “I don’t want to grow up in a world where people don’t care about pollution. I think we have to look after the planet and that’s what I was trying to say with my poster.”
    Whipple received $100 and a zero waste kit with his name engraved on it.

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