Car Time – December 2020


Traveling by Car During the Covid-19 Holidays?

    Many local Lamorinda residents are considering traveling by car during the holidays rather than worrying about the close interaction of air travel while the pandemic lingers. Driving to Tahoe seems less risky than flying to Hawaii.
    Going on any kind of a trip, however, where you will be exposed to others, is a big risk. Still, taking the trusty family vehicle should give you more confidence than dealing with crowds at the airport or Disney World.
    But, is your family hauler ready? It might seem as if it has to be since you have not been driving it as much as you did before COVID-19 times. Well, not necessarily.
    If you are headed for a winter wonderland destination, you might encounter crucial situations with your vehicle that wouldn’t be an issue at home. For instance, extreme cold may tax your battery.
    The cooling system in your vehicle is the same way. Marginal anti-freeze may not protect from freezing in temperatures below 20 degrees.
    The air filters in your car are very crucial not only for the car but your health. Your vehicle’s engine air filter may be affected by all of the ash from the horrible fire season we had in Northern California. It is important for your car to take in clean air too. This is especially crucial during the pandemic.
    There is also a risk when it comes to coming in contact with other people and everything they touch. So, wipe down the inside surfaces of the vehicle, wear masks and keep washing your hands two times longer than you used to. If you are planning on taking a car trip this winter, be sure to have it checked before you depart. Don’t put it off until the day before you go in case problems surface.

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