Wilder Gallery: A New Year Awash in Vibrant Color

(Rashmi Rajesh, Photographer)
Artist Rashmi Rajesh’s 28” x 22” oil painting, Perception, can be described as abstract Impressionism, because it suggests a point of view from above the clouds over a body of water. 

    The Lamorinda Arts Council invites you to view a virtual exhibit of 12 watercolor and oil paintings by Rashmi Rajesh to ring in the New Year. View images and a video of Rajesh’s artwork at www.lamorindaarts.org/online-galleries through Jan. 31. All Council art exhibits are virtual until COVID-19 restrictions change.
    San Ramon’s Rajesh, a self-taught artist, drew pencil sketches at a very young age in India. As an adult, she relied on her drawing skills again while first pursuing acrylics and then oil paint and watercolors. Initially she didn’t take to painting with acrylics. Instead of giving up, she tried oil paint and calls both the process and results delightful.
    After painting with oils for some time, she began exploring watercolors. “The looseness and transparency of watercolors instantly draws you in as a viewer. As an artist they keep me challenged enough to have control over the medium to know when to let go to achieve lightness in my creations. The more I paint, the more there is to learn. That’s what keeps me coming back to these two media, oil paints and watercolors,” said Rajesh.
    You’ll find florals, landscapes, abstracts and still life works in her show. To keep her work fresh, she experiments with different techniques and subject matter. When you view Perception, a 28” x 22” oil painting on canvas, see if the washes of blue moving into lavender take you somewhere.
    She hopes her work sparks some kind of connection for viewers because, for her, connecting people together is one of the beautiful qualities of art. To that end, she also teaches art classes for beginning and intermediate students. Visit her website to view more of her artwork and get in contact at www.rashmisartcarte.com.
    The Art Gallery at Wilder, closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, remains virtual. Contact Curators Denise Nomura and Aniston Breslin at wildergallery@lamorindaarts.org.

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