Police Blotter – May 2021


Calls for Service
911 Hangup: 4 incidents
Accident Injury: 2 incidents: Moraga Way, Meadow Rd.
Accident Property: 8 incidents
Alarm False: 12 incidents
Armed Robbery: 1 incident: Wildcat Canoyn/El Toyonal Rd.
Assault with a Deadly Weapon: 1 incident: Orinda Way
Burglary: 1 incident: Moraga Way
Burglary, Auto: 8 incidents: Bear Creek Rd. (x2), Camino Sobrante, Wilder, Orchard Rd., Glorietta Ct., Brookwood Rd., Spring Ct.
Burglary, Commercial: 1 incident: Orinda Way
Death Non-Criminal: 4 incidents
Domestic Disturbance: 1 incident
Fire/EMS Response: 1 incident
Found Property: 2 incidents
Forgery: 1 incident
Fraud: 2 incidents
Grand Theft: 3 incidents: Donald Dr., Loma Vista Dr., Moraga Way
Grand Theft from Vehicle: 1 incident: Orinda Way
Grand Theft Vehicle Parts: 5 incidents: Glorietta Blvd., Overhill Rd., Lavenida Dr., Muth Dr., Bates Rd.
Identity Theft: 3 incidents
Loud Music: 1 incident
Medical Hospital: 1 incident
Mentally Ill Commit: 1 incident
Missing Adult: 1 incident
Outside Assist: 5 incidents
Panhandling: 1 incident
Patrol Request: 13 incidents
Petty Theft: 1 incident
Poison Food Water or Medicine: 1 incident
Public Nuisance: 1 incident
School Check: 2 incidents
Security Check: 9 incidents
Service to Citizen: 36 incidents
Shoplift: 8 incidents: Orinda Way (x3), Camino Sobrante (x2), Theatre Square, Moraga Way (x2)
Tow: 6 incidents
Traffic Hazard: 1 incident
Unwanted Guest: 2 incidents
Vandalism: 4 incidents: Miner Rd., Whitehall Dr., Estabueno Dr., Bear Creek Rd.
Vehicle Theft: 2 incidents: Mira Monte Rd., Wilder
Walk Through: 7 incidents
Welfare Check: 2 incidents

Warrant Arrest: 4 arrests

For more information on service calls, visit https://communitycrimemap.com.

    Over the last several weeks the city has seen several cases of catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles. Toyata Prius’ appear to be the most commonly targeted vehicle. If you see something suspicious or have information regarding these cases, contact the Orinda Police Department at orindatip@cityoforinda.org.

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