Car Time – November 2018


Proper Car Care Equals Saving Money On Car Repairs

    Motorists often talk about ways to save money on automotive repair and maintenance. The worst way to save money on your vehicle is to ignore it. Your vehicle is a machine requiring upkeep and repairs. Like other machines, it will wear down faster if not kept up. Proper maintenance and inspections will help keep small issues from turning into bigger and more expensive ones. Noticing tire wear issues before they are worn out, for example, will save much money in the long run.
    It is okay to utilize an oil change facility that offers a value as long as the personnel there are properly inspecting your car. How do you know? Ask questions! It is not a good idea to bounce from shop to shop using coupons or the like. If you do so, there will be no continuity with your maintenance records. Importantly, there would also be no continuity with the relationships that you have with the repair shops.
    It is not always most important about who will charge the least to work on your car; rather, it would be wise to look for the mechanics who will support an effective maintenance campaign for your vehicle. Some automotive maintenance facilities are more thorough with their inspections than others. Some facilities can be trusted more than others. Once you find a facility you can trust, you need to surrender your trust to them.
    Staying on top of the needs of your vehicle will help you keep your facility honest. Understanding your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and what is coming up in the future will also help avoid the chaos that occurs when your vehicle might otherwise need immediate and unexpected repair. Your auto repair experience should be a partnership between you and your automotive service facility and mechanic. Having a good alliance will help save you money in the long run. As usual I encourage you to be a good consumer of automotive repair. I am always available for automotive consultation.
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