Resilient and Resplendent Orinda Union School District Choir Performs Orinda Sing 2021

(Christina Holling, Photographer)

    OUSD Choir and Music Instructors Christina Holling and Ron Pickett co-produced a creative community-wide concert event in May, in lieu of traditional Spring Sings for parents and family. Due to restrictions on in-person group singing events, the undaunted musical duo, with the help of a vocal arrangement specialist and technicians, stepped outside the box by orchestrating a harmonious melding of individual voices from the OIS and all four elementary school ensemble choirs, adding in the voices of OUSD grads, faculty and community members.
    “This was beautiful. I could hardly make it through a rehearsal without crying,” said singer Leslie O’Brien, one representative of the greater Orinda community voice. The group performed the beloved Carpenters’ hit, “I Won’t Last a Day Without You.”
    Due to student privacy issues, the general public cannot view the recorded performance, but this screenshot shows the scope of this effort. Each performer sang individually, and all voices and instrumentals were electronically blended in the studio afterwards.
    The video was released through the school’s websites to parents and family on May 17. Arranged by Rachel Robinson, audio edited by Justin Pyne, video edited by Christina Holling and directed by Ron Pickett and Christina Holling.

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