Police Blotter – August 2019


June 2 through July 13, 2019

Calls for Service
911 Hangup: 25 incidents.
Accident Injury: 4 incidents.
Accident Property: 5 incidents.
Alarm, False: 117 incidents.
Animal Cruelty: 1 incident: Bear Creek Rd.
Burglary: 2 incidents: Northwood Ct. and Overhill Rd.
Burglary, Auto: 4 incidents: Bryant Way, Orchard Rd., Safeway Parking Lot and Tahos Rd.
Burglary, Commercial: 1 incident: Bear Creek Rd.
Burglary, Residential: 6 incidents: Charles Hill Cir., Davis Rd. (2), El Nido Ranch Rd., Richard Ct. and Tahos Rd.
Civil Matter: 2 incidents.
Death Non-Criminal: 1 incident: Monte Vista Ridge.
Dependent Adult Abuse: 1 incident.
Disturbance – Domestic: 1 incident.
Drunk in Public: 1 incident.
Exhibition of Speed: 1 incident: Bear Creek Rd.
Fireworks: 2 incidents: Dalewood Dr. and Orinda Senior Village.
Grand Theft: 1 incident: Big Rock Rd.
Hit & Run Misdemeanor: 1 incident: Moraga Way.
Identity Theft: 2 incidents.
Juvenile Disturbance: 1 incident.
Missing Adult: 1 incident: El Toyonal.
Neighbor Dispute: 1 incident.
Panhandling: 1 incident.
Petty Theft: 2 incidents: Altarinda and Orinda Way.
Petty Theft from Vehicle: 2 incidents: De Soto Ct. (1).
Reckless Driving: 16 incidents: Beverages & More, Camino Pablo (2), Don Gabriel Way, Miramonte High School, Moraga Way (3), Valley View Dr.
Robbery: 1 incident: Alta Vista.
Service to Citizen: 102 incidents.
Shoplift: 1 incident.
Surveillance: 2 incidents: Camino Pablo and Tahos Rd.
Suspicious Circumstances: 13 incidents.
Suspicious Person Stop: 10 incidents.
Suspicious Subject: 29 incidents.
Suspicious Vehicle: 26 incidents.
Terrorist Threats: 2 incidents.
Trespass: 2 incidents.
Uncontrollable Juvenile: 2 incidents.
Vacation House Check: 16 incidents.
Vandalism: 7 incidents: Camino Sobrante, Hazel Tree Ridge, Orinda Library, Orinda Intermediate School and Orinda Way (3).
Vehicle Theft: 2 incidents: La Espiral and Tahos Rd.
Verbal Dispute: 6 incidents.
Violation Custody Order: 1 incident.

Burglary: 2 arrests: Rite Aid.
Burglary, Residential: 2 arrests: Davis Rd. and Richard  Ct.
Drunk in Public: 1 arrest: Orinda Way.
Possession Controlled Substance: 1 arrest: Camino Pablo.
Possession of Stolen Property: 1 arrest: Wilder Rd.
Shoplifting: 2 arrests: Camino Sobrante.
Revocation of Probation: 2 arrests.
Unauthorized Possession: 2 arrests: Camino Pablo and Theatre Square.
Warrant Arrest: 1 arrest: Camino Sobrante.

BART Statistics
No incidents reported.

For more incidents details, visit www.crimereports.com.

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