Sleepy Hollow Celebrates Every Swimmer at B Invitational

(Dana Chappone, Photographer)
Front row (L-R): Gigi Fitzsimmons, Colin Lai, Gracie Walburg and Cameron Zener. Back row (L-R): Paige Sanders, Stephen Klein, Daniel Lucas and Claudia Gravano.
(Dana Chappone, Photographer)
(L-R) Luca Lagrotteria, Connor Volk, Greta Cole, Josie Disston

    More than 750 swimmers competed in Sleepy Hollow Swim and Tennis Club’s 33rd annual B Invitational on July 21, with all nine teams in the Orinda Moraga Pool Association (OMPA) taking part. Swimmers can only race in events in which they have not equaled or surpassed the “Sleepy B” time standards (similar to OMPA silver times), allowing less recognized team members the opportunity to step into the spotlight, and possibly the winners’ circle.  
    Swimmers taking home top awards in their respective age groups are: Josie Disston (6 & Under Girls), Luca Lagrotteria (6 & Under Boys), Greta Cole (7-8 Girls), Connor Volk (7-8 Boys), Gigi Fitzsimmons (9-10 Girls), Colin Lai (9-10 Boys), Gracie Walburg (11-12 Girls), Cameron Zener (11-12 Boys), Paige Sanders (13-14 Girls), Rhys Hire (13-14 Boys), Stephen Klein (13-14 Boys), Claudia Gravano (15-18 Girls), and Daniel Lucas (15-18 Boys).

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