Hope Your Glass is Also Half Full: Good Things Emerging from Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place

(Kathy Enzerink, Photographer)

As we deal with this pandemic, I hope a number of you, like me, have . . .
    • Enjoyed being uplifted by family and friends;
    • Reconnected with past acquaintances;
    • Relished local teams winning nearly all classic games aired;
    • Exulted as real heroes received recognition;
    • Interacted with previously unknown folks;
    • Put off worrying about wildfires;
    • Cherished sharing personal stories;
    • Relearned the gift of reflection;
    • Watched people use online resources thoughtfully;
    • Read touching Covid-19 response accounts;
    • Wondered if tax date postponement reimagines “inevitability of death and taxes”;
    • Remembered that prayer is a fitting response during crisis;
    • Observed pets acting as if there’s nothing to fear.
    • Gloated that nobody has a better MLB Fantasy League start.
    • Found novel ways of fulfillment;
    • Reaffirmed the benefits of quiet time and a slower pace;
    • Praised the invention of conveniences helping us through the pandemic;
    • Marveled at generally upbeat, essential store personnel;
    • Encountered little traffic when driving to wondrous East Bay trails;
    • Done a double-take when buying $1.99 a gallon gas;
    • Surveyed a myriad of movies and series available on the tube;
    • Scouted out newly available offerings streamed by local theatre groups;
    • Wondered if Fox News adherents might acknowledge importance of science;
    • Appreciated technologies promoting online get-togethers;
    • Delighted in the realization teachers might be more appreciated;
    • Reinforced sensible practices regarding cleanliness, health, and diet.
    • Dreamed about the Gaels winning their way into the “Sweet 16” like a decade ago;
    • Visualized Sabrina Ionescu as M.V.P. while playing Stanford in the women’s NCAA finale;
    • Envisioned youthful volunteers starting a life-long commitment to serve;
    • Been overjoyed seeing new leaders “step up” even as pompous pretenders “stepped in it.” 

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