Miramonte Class of 2020 Special Section


The above advertisements were purchased by the families of graduating seniors and do not represent the complete graduating class of Miramonte High School 2020. Click here to download the complete Miramonte Class of 2020 Special Section.

    It is my privilege to celebrate our graduates of the Class of 2020. This is a very special class of students and, while we are not celebrating as anticipated this spring, we remain committed to ensuring that our graduates feel the recognition and honor they deserve in reaching this important milestone. Our Class of 2020 has shown grace, resilience, and deep connection to each other throughout their four years at Miramonte High School. I am confident that we are sending an amazing group of young adults into our world and that they are poised to do tremendous things. Our world needs them now more than ever. Thank you for a wonderful four years, Class of 2020!
    Go Mats!
– Julie Parks, Principal
Miramonte High School

    The expectations our class had for our senior year were tremendous. We were the top of the school ready for our final year of childhood.
    We were more connected with our friends, families and communities than ever before. To say we were busy would be an understatement. Alongside our school work, many of us were involved in jobs, clubs and other extracurricular activities.
    When second semester rolled around, college admittance letters flushed out the stress we had grown to know so well throughout our time at Miramonte. The only thing we had to worry about was not flunking out…or so we thought.
    We had watched the seniors before us participate in events such as college t-shirt day, senior ball and graduation. Now it was our turn to have the fun. The shelter-in-place order due to COVID-19 has altered these events, but has not cancelled them. Although they will look different, many people are working so that these events will not be any less enjoyable.
    From our conception as 9/11 babies, we were born with resilience that lent us the grit to succeed in whatever situation we experience.
    The class of 2020 will overcome not only this global pandemic, but whatever else life decides to throw at us.
    Go Mats!!
– Ashleigh Lightbody, Senior Class President

    Every high school senior was disappointed to hear our senior year had been cancelled. This was supposed to be our year, the coveted class of 2020, the year of new beginnings, and our year to say goodbye to childhood and no responsibility. While I’m sad it ended so abruptly, I feel lucky and privileged to have grown alongside the most amazing classmates at Miramonte and I’m excited to see where the future takes us. Go mats.
– Lucy Wang, MHS Senior

    I want to start off by saying congratulations to all of my fellow seniors on all their hard work making it to the last stretch of high school! Although there have been so many changes in the past few months, I will still cherish my experiences and the bonds I have made over my four years at Miramonte. I am appreciative of everything the staff and parents have been doing to make the most of our situation in quarantine and ensuring this will be an experience to remember. Go Mats!
– Naomi Mesfin, MHS Senior

    I want to share my congratulations to the 2020 Miramonte senior class. Although not what they expected, or in any way ideal, their resilience shines through. The class has supported one another, and, while forever changed by these circumstances, there is no pandemic that can cancel those bonds. I hope they know how proud we are of their accomplishments, and we cannot wait to see what they do in the future! Go MATS!
– Tricia Young,
Chair, MHS Parents’ Club

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