Reporter on the Street – May 2021


What TV shows, movies and books have you binged during the pandemic?

(Ania Keenan, Phtographer)

“The Phantom TollBooth will always be my favorite book. It does a fantastic job of getting readers excited about everything around them. I go back to it every time that I feel down or blue. So, that’s been one that I’ve turned to.”
– Michael Beller

(Ania Keenan, Phtographer)

Jamie John and her daughter Avery have done quite a bit of reading over the course of the pandemic. Avery has made her way through the entirety of the Ivy and Bean series. When she’s not reading, she enjoys watching Jessie. “I watched The Masked Singer and I’ve been watching the news. And, I read my Bible every day. Right now I’m reading Olive Kitteredge and my dog training book. We just got our puppy; she’s five months old.”
– Jamie John

(Ania Keenan, Phtographer)

“We’ve started watching Parks and Recreation and black-ish. We’ve been reading a lot about animal care and agriculture since we already have bees, and now have nine chickens.”
– John and Katherine Armstrong

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