Congratulations to Miramonte Scholarship Winners

(Kim Anderson, Photographer)
Orinda Rotary STEM Scholarship was awarded to Drugan Brady, a Miramonte High School student who demonstrated exceptional interest and ability in one of the following categories: chemistry, biology, physics, technology or math.

    Each year Miramonte students have the opportunity to apply for multiple, local scholarships. The offering organizations or Miramonte Scholarship Committee determine recipients. The selection process is always difficult because of the numerous outstanding applicants. This year was no different. The following deserve congratulations:
    Orinda Rotary Scholarship – Awarded to a student with strong academics, extracurricular and community service: Aine Flynn and Cassie Hopkin.
    Orinda Rotary STEM Scholarship – Awarded to an MHS student who demonstrates exceptional interest and ability in chemistry, biology, physics, technology and/or math: Drugan Brady.
    McCarthy Scholarship – Awarded to a student who demonstrates transformative leadership in life: Grace Barmmer.
    AAUW Scholarship – For women student leaders: Chaya Tong.
    Harriet Scholarship – Awarded to students who have shown strong resilience or perseverance: Josh Morganstein and Leilah Hodges.
    Orinda Woman’s Club Scholarship – Awarded to a high school female who has exhibited outstanding leadership: Chloe Lai and Madeline Giron.
    Joseph Daugherty Scholarship – In honor of Joseph Daugherty, who was actively involved in athletics, leadership and clubs: Audrey Allen.
    Kiwanis Scholarship – For distinguished community service and leadership: Chaya Tong.
    Ernie Voigt Memorial Scholarship – For an athlete of any Miramonte sport who exhibits talent, positivity and leadership: Mina Jenab (lacrosse).
    Will Newton Award – For a Miramonte baseball and/or softball player who exhibits talent, positivity and leadership: Wade Beury (baseball) and Ellie Sinha (softball).
    Moraga Rotary Al Simonsen Scholarship – In memory of Al Simonsen and awarded to athletes who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and community service: Matthew Lyons and Madeline Giron.

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